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Dsc00149.jpg (79322 bytes)Battle Rock Park (click on images to enlarge)
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Spectacular, inspiring, majestic, these and other colorful adjectives are often used when trying to describe Battle Rock Park. This park is named after historic Battle Rock, a battleground for an infamous American Indian/Settlers clash.

Looking_back_at_Battle_Rock_area_in_the_20s.jpg (21217 bytes)Captain William Tichenor and crew sailed on the old steam propeller vessel the Sea Gull, from Portland to  town and build roads for gold diggings and timber removal. Capt Tichenor left 9 men on the beach saying he would return in 2 weeks with men and supplies. The men armed with 3 muskets, 2 rifles, 1 pistol, several swords and a ships cannon, made a defensive camp on a seastack situated on the northern end of the beach.

Dsc00118.jpg (72868 bytes)The native Indian tribe ordered the settlers off what they considered their beach. When they didn't comply, they were attacked by over 100 warriors. A fierce battle occurred, some of it hand to hand, with 23 Indians killed and 2 settlers seriously wounded. The chief then negotiated a truce to remove his dead. The settlers told the chief that they were to be removed by ship in 14 days.

Dsc00345.jpg (85451 bytes)     For 14 days the settlers never saw another Indian. But on the 15th morning, they were attacked by a group of over 300 men. Their chief was killed at the beginning of the assault. The warriors immediately withdrew with their dead chief and set up camp about 300' away from the Rock. The settlers fled north during the night. They all eventually survived with help from friendly Indians that they encountered along the way.

Dsc00347.jpg (65575 bytes)Now, Battle Rock is a place where the volunteer fire department sets off fireworks during Port Orford Jubilee Days during the 4th of July weekend. Visitors often can be seen hiking the hill. Oregon recently named it a State Wayfinders Point. Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) installed a webcam to monitor park and traffic flow. There is a city maintained Visitor Center and restroom too.

The beach at Battle Rock Park is considered one of the most picturesque spots on the coast. The seastacks on Battle Rock Beach are spectacular. This image was taken at low tide to capture the reflections on the beach. The terrain is fairly level, so beach walking is easy on the hard packed black sands. It's not unusual to walk along the surf and be the only one enjoying this fantastic beach. Click here for a  sample Free Oregon Email login pageMake sure to keep an eye turned toward the ocean too; Grey Whales often congregate in the cove.

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The pictures below were taken from this beautiful beach and park.

Check out the new ODOT Battle Rock Web Cam!

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